About Us


This Training Institute was founded by the Irish Presentation Sisters who came to India in the year 1842. The Institute is under the Management of the Presentation Sisters whose founder is Venerable Nano Nagle.
Church Park Anglo-Indian Teacher Training Institute was opened by Mother Xavier Murphy on 15thJanuary 1912. The Institute started with Rev. Mother Xavier Murphy as the Principal, Mother M.Berchamans Murphy, Sr. M. Cecilia Murphy and Miss Corversor as the assistants.

In 1912 the sisters saw the need for trained Anglo – Indian lady teachers and began the Teacher’s Training Institute at George Town. Later it was shifted to Church Park on 15.01.1919. It was officially designated as “Church Park Training School for Women, Teynampet”, on 25.03.1919. The present area was occupied in 1925. The sisters saw the need for better administrative structure and hostel facilities for the teacher trainees. The present building was completed in the year 2009. School recognition under the Code of Regulations for Anglo-Indian schools was received from the Director of Public Instruction, Madras Vide has proceedings Dis. No. 1488/26, dated 16.04.1926; and from NCTE F.TN/ELE/SRO/NCTE/2001-2002/7910; Dated: 20.09.2001

This prestigious Institution, had completed its Golden Jubilee in the year 1962, its Platinum Jubilee in the year 1987.

The centenary celebrations started on 15th January 2012. Its logo for the centenary year was, “Empowering Women through Education”.

The policy of Education in Presentation Schools is based on the life of love and mercy of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Gospel, and reflected in the life of dedication and charism of their Founder, Venerable Nano Nagle.

Education in the spirit of the Gospel and of Venerable Nano Nagle encompasses the development of a growing consciousness of the human dignity and right of every person. This enables persons to live in fellowship and mutual helpfulness. Education also includes the development of knowledge and skill, enabling a person to be a good citizen of her country and society promoting peace and justice in this world. As such the welfare and education of God’s people especially those of the Christian faith and those who are deprived are our primary concern.

The main objective of the Training Course is to train young women over a period of two years, in the theory & practice of teaching, to equip them to teach children of Stds.I to VIII, (ages 5 to 12+), the 3R’s, as well as the knowledge of subjects and practical skills as laid down in various types of syllabi of English medium schools, especially Anglo-Indian Schools.

In addition it is the aim of the course to equip Christian students to teach the children Christian Dogma, moral values, Scripture and methods of Catechesis.

All Students will be required to follow a course in Value Education and how to teach it in schools. They will also be trained to organize and conduct assemblies, liturgical and para-liturgical services.

At the end of the 2-year programme the student teacher will be able to:

1. adopt innovative and interesting techniques of teaching children from Std. I to VIII.
2. mobilize means and materials for academic facilitation of the children.
3. develop appropriate basic personal and special skills in the pupils in each class.
4. relate the resources of the school to those of the society for organizational cooperation and development.
5. be familiar with the socio-economic status of families in the neighborhood.
6. provide opportunities for the development of individual talents in all respects.
7. participate in effective management of the school as integral unit of social development.
8. make the school function within the state’s policy and strategies.
9. face life’s challenges and demands bravely.

The Teacher Training course started with the aim of uplifting the Anglo-Indian community, by far, has done great feats in providing an honourable profession to the much deserved community. Many students from underprivileged families have been given an opportunity to find hope to lead a life filled with pride and joy.

The concerts conducted by the Trainees won great accolades everywhere making this teacher training course a unique and a much desired one across the globe.

Church Park Anglo-Indian Teacher Training Institute, follows diligently the rules laid down by the Government. The Calendar of activities as stipulated by the Department is carried out without any flaw. Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Onam Celebration, Eradication of Proverty Day, Visit to the School for Differently abled, Diwali Celebrations, Christmas Celebrations, Women’s Day Celebrations, Science Project week, Sports Day, Medical Camp, Pongal Celebrations, Yoga, Introduction to Guides, NSS camp, Tree Plantation Day, and Art and Craft Workshop.

Church Park Anglo-Indian Teacher Training Institute, still lets her flag of uniqueness fly with courage and daring spirit, by conducting their famous concerts and by taking their trainees on Educational Tours. It still ensures that the students from economically poor backgrounds are given first preference for admission. The Sisters in-charge also ensure that they are helped financially through some charitable organisations or well-wishers who will sponsor their course of study. Efforts are taken for the all-round development of the students undergoing this training at our Institution, both academically as well as creatively. Like conducting Welcome Assembly, Investiture Ceremony, Fresher’s Day, Presentation Day, Educational Tour, Seminar on Safeguarding Children, Seminar on Education for Global Citizenship, Alumni Get Together, Spirituality, Valedictory, etc.

The staff are given additional responsibilities as being part of the Friends of Nano, Child Safeguarding, etc. It is with great pride that Church Park Anglo-Indian Teacher Training Institute, stands as it is ever ready to face all challenges that come its way. Church Park Anglo-Indian Teacher Training Institute, though just a small flame in the lantern of Nano Nagle, burns bright to share in the Vision of our founder to uplift the Poor and downtrodden. The Mission of Church Park Anglo-Indian Teacher Training Institute is not just about imparting knowledge but being of service in saving the lives of many underprivileged and spending their time and efforts for the poor. It is at this juncture Church Park Anglo-Indian Teacher Training Institute deems it a privilege to quote the famous words of its founder Venerable Nano Nagle, “The Almighty makes use of the weakest means to bring out the best”.